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What is OpEzee?

OpEzee is a registered startup in India and aims to bring world-class innovation through locally designed and developed solutions. OpEzee is built on the platform of partnership with some of the most creative minds globally. The company has been successful in three domains (1) Marketplace for procurement teams to be able to buy certified and quality electronic products for their organization needs. It also provides an unbiased view of competitive landscape (2) Euclideon India – An OpEzee Partnership that provides the world’s first large size 3D Holographic solutions as a portfolio of Holo Room, Holo Wall and Holo Table and allows customers of nearly every sector or industry to build creative use cases on them (3) Geospatial – through our OpEzee Africa entity wherein the experience in LiDAR, Oblique Mapping, Mobile Mapping and related solutions is our focus area.