About Us

OpEzee is a provider of futuristic solutions and is based out of Bangalore, India. Our objective is to design, create and deliver innovative technologies, solutions and experiences.

Partners form an important part of our business strategy and we are proud to be engaged with some of the most innovative companies both globally and in India.

OpEzee is a startup founded by a committed and proven team of serial entrepreneurs with successful business setup experience.


The world is changing rapidly and VR/AR is the future. Entertainment, Tourism and Experiences get a whole new meaning with the launch of Holozone – our 3D holographic centers. Exciting games & mind-boggling experiences make this a very promising proposition for people of all age groups.


Brought to you in partnership with Euclideon Holographics - the Indian operation is now delivering value added solutions globally. With full in-house design, manufacturing, installation, experience development, support and services capability - this is one of the most robust 3D holographic business solutions for various sectors and use-cases.


We have partnered with some of the best Geospatial consultants in Africa to setup OpEzee Africa. We provide Geospatial consulting and related solutions for LiDAR, GPR, Oblique Mapping and Mobile Mapping that can even be integrated with our 3D Holographic Solutions.


Bespoke software development projects, websites, mobile apps and even ready to use cloud based software from SMBs. We have built a suite of software products and solutions for various business needs. Procurement is further enabled through our online/offline marketplace for electronics hardware for various industry sectors.


Mayank Manish

Mayank is the Founder and Executive Director of OpEzee. A serial entrepreneur and seasoned businessman - his passion is to create ventures with innovative products and Solutions.

Krishna Gowda

Krishna is the General Manager of OpEzee. His diverse experience in Procurement, Finance and Administration allow a disciplined setup at OpEzee which enables us to deliver reliably and predictably.

Raghava Kumar

Raghava is the COO of OpEzee. He has uniquely established the capability for the company to design, install, deploy and support the variety of solutions and services globally.

Adithya Popuri

Adithya is the lead Holographic Engineer at OpEzee. He is an expert in 3D Holographic Technology and is responsible for solutions, implementations and building innovative experiences for our clients in India.

Registered Office:

OpEzee Private Limited
Sua House
26/1 Kasturba Cross Road
Bangalore- 560001

Call- (+91) 9900067442